The Rules Of Love

The Rules Of Love


Kiss on the lips = I love you

Kiss on the ear = You are special

Kiss on the nose = Laugher

Kiss on the cheek = Friendship

Kiss on the forehead = I comfort you

Kiss on the neck = I want you

Kiss on the shoulder = You are wonderful

Kiss anywhere else CAREFUL !!!

Play around with hair = Can’t live without you

Holdind hands = Happiness

Arms around = You’re mine , I need you

A hug = I care

Nibble on ear Start warming

Smiling at each other = I like you

Lifting up eyebrowns – wink I want to go out with you

Looking around Hiding true feelings

Tender kiss on the side of your lips You’re mine

Wetting your lips Waiting for a kiss

Licking slowly on the neck You taste so sweat !

Tear drop = I’m losing you

Cry = I lost you



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